Living the Dream!?

As far back as I can recall ... Actually it was my first few days in Marine Corps boot camp, I recall coming into contact with a fellow recruit. This guy was one of those persons that you would love to spend your day with - bubbling over with genuine enthusiasm for the day and situation. Marine Corps Officer enters the area - fellow recruit "Sir, Great Morning!, How are you?" This Officer continued on. The recruit's excitement and positive mental attitude just set me back and I wanted to know more. I wanted to make this person my friend.

I introduced myself to him and started introductory inquiries only to find out the circumstances this young man was in were bleak/dire. I do not recall the exact details but I do recall the option of military punishment or expulsion. The attitude set forth by this person was in-congruent with what I was observing. I inquired about this circumstance plainly at odds in my mind.

His response has carried forth with me since.

He replied that no one wants to hear about the pains and struggles that you are enduring or the dire circumstance of your present status. People enjoy one another, and like to surround themselves with those that make them feel good. His approach was that each day he has been given is the realization of his previous actions, yesterday's dreams. So today he is living a DREAM! Accordingly he is extremely grateful for those around him as well as the experiences he has been given!

It has taken many years for this lesson to land with me & often I find that I need to remind myself that I am living yesterday's dream today! I am thankful for the many persons that I have met and the lessons I have absorbed through my exposure to them.

Thank you.

#PositiveMentalAttitude #Dreams #SilverLining

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