It was not all that long ago I was seeking input on how to address a quality of a home that I was restoring. My goal was to add value to the existing structure and highlight the best qualities of the design. In particular I was working on a 1970's mansard roof home.

The pictured home is the one in question. The attribute I was wrestling with was weather or not I should add detail to the crown molding of the roof or should I just eliminate it completely. The one that was in place (pictured on the left) was a smaller molding that was white - high contrast with the existing roof. The photograph on the right was the replacement roof & detail.

This one attribute sent me to the older housing stock of St Louis. I spent my time travelling the older areas of the city seeking inspiration. What I found were many beautiful buildings in various states of disrepair. The mansard roof is not a popular quality used in today's housing stock but it did appear to be more prevalent in the older buildings.

What I decided was not to highlight the separation in the roofs. I eliminated the undersized crown molding & chose to use an understated drip rail that was the same color of the selected roofing shingles. The same color was used to give a uniform appeal/low contrast. The result was to remove the attention from the roof separation and allow the eye to appreciate the other qualities of the home.

Small details like these are very important with the overall appearance of your property. One detail should not out shine another, ideally all should work with one another to give the on looker a uniform objective/style.

The older homes that I found & photographed were beautiful in there own quality but I realized the stately appearance of these homes were not in line with the type of quality I wanted to bring to life in the subject home. I did find some excellent examples of the style and pocketed some inspiration for another project. Just because it was not employed with this project does not mean I will not use it in the future.

The field trip was definitely a worthy investment.

#mansardroof #renovationresearch #1970smansard #curbappeal

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