REALTOR value? What does it look like?

As I have thought about REALTOR/Real Estate Agent value, a quote from Jim Rohn comes to mind "Don't send your ducks to eagle school!"

Almost anyone has the capability to become a REALTOR. There are many agents available to you, but where is the value a REALTOR is able to provide you? My belief the key to the real estate relationship relies directly and firmly with the agent's acceptance, understanding, and operating as the client's fiduciary representative (The highest legal duty of one party to another, it also involves being bound ethically to act in the other's best interests). The agent will serve with you during your real estate journey, they will act on your behalf, and represent your intentions/goals for this task. Your interaction with an agent is not the only aspect to consider.

An agent is in fact an adviser/consultant to you, the client. The role of real estate agent is to provide you with expert knowledge & experience. He/She shall provide to you guidance during your real estate journey. This guidance includes but is not limited to the following highlighted areas:

*assist you in assessing the steps necessary in preparing your home for sale,

*evaluating the value of your home,

*providing a strategy to sell your home,

*assess offers/consult you on any offers received,

*assist you in acquiring your next home by assessing the value of any property/location you are considering,

*negotiate on your behalf to acquire/sell real estate.

*provide you with recommendations in related fields of real estate.

Consider what experience your real estate representative has and what level of value they bring to the relationship. Although almost everyone has the capability to become a REALTOR, the value acquired by that person is what should be considered when identifying any real estate agent as your designated representative. This individual will be your connection to the real estate transaction as well as your representative of your property and/or your potential real estate intent.

The value of accurate and relevant advice is essential in making correct assessments and influential decisions. Real estate transactions are either the major or one of the major financial decisions in your life. With the assistance of a valuable agent or REALTOR, your decision will be guided by knowledgeable and expert advice. Which will give you the highest probability of acquiring your goals.

Succinctly, give great consideration to your real estate representative.

"Experience is the thing of supreme value" - Henry Ford.

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